250 Hour YTTC & Yoga Therapy Course – Now open for admission! – Spaces limited to 20 students!

We are delighted to inform you that we are now open to receiving admissions for our upcoming Yoga Courses with Yogacharya Saji, held in a beautiful ahsram in Kerala, India.

250 HOURS YOGA TEACHER TRAINING COURSE 4 week intensive residential course

5 Dec 2015 – 1 Jan 2016

This YTTC Course is for anyone who would like to become a professional teacher of classical Hatha Yoga. Those simply wishing to deepen their own practise are also welcome to the course. For more detailed information on the syllabus, click here.

Yoga therapy advert

250 HOURS YOGA THERAPY COURSE 4 week intensive residential course

11th Feb – 10th March 2016

The Yoga Therapy Course is for those who already have a background in yoga; especially yoga teachers and alternative therapists. It looks at the therapeutic aspects of yoga and provides students with confidence in theoretical and practical knowledge for healing and handling common diseases. For more detailed information, click here.

Yogacharya Saji is the founder of the International Vasishta Yoga Research Foundation & foremost expert in yoga & yoga therapy for over 20 years, having trained in the traditional style with some of India’s most renowned yoga masters and holistic health experts. Saji also holds a post graduate diploma and Bachelor of Yogic Sciences degree from VYASA University where he was also awarded a Diploma in Yoga Therapy and Naturopathy.

Every year Saji runs yoga training courses at a beautiful ashram in Kerala, India in the traditional teaching style of Gurukulam. Hundreds of qualified yoga teachers from every corner of the world have trained under the guidance of Saji and continue to spread the benefits of yoga in their own country.

For further Information and registration, please Contact Us